Aperio Consulting Group, LLC

Our passion is service to the people who serve our nation.

The Aperio Consulting Group was founded on the conviction that public service is the highest calling to which an American can aspire. Our work is designed to build excellence in the fields of education, workforce and economic development. Aperio’s consultation services to practitioners, policy makers and funders are driven by knowledge of the pressures under which they operate as well as the diverse needs of the students, career-seekers and businesses who are their customers.

Our Services

Aperio offers a wide range of consulting services to public and private entities, including evaluation, facilitation, technical assistance, project management and intellectual product development. Members of the Aperio Consulting Group work with a variety of projects in education, workforce and economic development. We focus on service to Americans with significant barriers to economic self-sufficiency. Our approach combines research on creative practices at work in the community with innovative methods built around metrics and evaluation.

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